A new model added to the Chamonix 4X5 camera family at the beginning of the 
        year 2013, the 045F1.

        045F1 is a model between Chamonix 045N and 045P models. Its most predominant
        feature is the added base and asymmetrical tilts of the rear standard which makes the
        use of the camera so much easier when applying Scheimpflug principle in landscape  
        and architecture photography.

        The base and asymmetrical tilts of the rear standard is controlled by a single knob to
        its related 
structure. It's locked when not in use and it can be unlocked with a twist of
        fingers when needed. This knob has a special pale gray coating to differentiate it
        among other knobs.

        The exterior design of 045F1 camera is slightly different from 045N models as well.
         Viewing from its sides, the rear standard has a wider bottom and narrow top. This
        new design not only helps to balance the abruptness of added parts visually, but also
        increases the rigidity of both front and rear standards.

        045F1 camera has its special ground glass with four dotted lines. No matter which 
        way the opening faces, an object placed on the dotted line on the ground glass will
        stay in focus as rear tilt is applied.

        045F1 will add a few millimeters of thickness and some twenty grams weight to 
        the camera. This is a small price we have to pay for adding the important base and
        asymmetrical tilts of the rear standard.

        The folded dimention for the camera is: 208x182x92mm. The weight is 1550g (3.4 pound)

4X5 F1 Teak wood

4X5 F1 Maple wood

The 045F1 camera is currently available for ordering.
The price is: $1045 w/o Fresnel lens, 1,080 with Fresnel lens.
EMS international shipping: $65