The 12x20 format view camera--horizontal only--is finally here!  Another beautiful camera hand made by master craftsmen.  Chamonix makes film holders for this camera; they are impeccable and beautiful.

12x20 horizontal only SPECIFICATIONS
 835 mm
Minimum 190 mm
 Movements FrontRise: 105 mm
Fall: 88 mm
Tilt: limited by bellows
shift: 52 mm to each side
swing: limited by bellows
 Rearshift: none
swing: 10 degree to each side
Tilt: 28 degree backwards, forwards limited by bellows
 Weight teak: approx. 18.2 lb / 8270 g
 black cherry:  About 18.2 lb / 8270 g


Current price list, subject to change without notice.

12x20: $5,330
International EMS shipping: Camera $220, Holder $40