Presenting the Chamonix 20x24 view camera, perhaps the ultimate large format!  The back of the camera is reversible to permit compositions in the landscape (horizontal) aspect or in the portrait (vertical) aspect.


20x24 (with reversible back) SPECIFICATIONS
 1300 mm (can be extended to 1780 mm with extension set)
Minimum 280 mm
 Movements FrontRise: 110 mm
Fall: 170 mm
Tilt: limited by bellows
Shift: 52 mm to each side
Swing: limited by bellows
 RearShift: none
Swing: 11 degree to each side
Tilt: 26 degree backwards, forwards limited by bellows
 weight Teak or cherry: approx. 42.5 lb / 19.3 kg
 Folded size 732 mm X 692 mm X 164 mm

Current price list, subject to change without notice.
2024 Convertible: $7,370
International EMS shipping: $650