The 45N-2, composed of wood and carbon fiber composite material, is designed to be both light and durable while retaining the aesthetics of hand craftsmanship.

The 45N-2 comes in teak or cherry; see photographs for the appearance of teak; it is sealed so that the warm look of teak does not weather over time.  Occasionally American cherry is available and can be specially ordered.

This camera weighs only 1550 grams. The 45N-2 reflects Chamonix's            
experience in building the 45N-1, which was replaced by the 45N-2 in 2011.  Its graceful appearance is matched by the resilience of its carbon fiber components.
Less frequently used view camera movements are omitted to ensure the slimmest, lightest build possible. While not perfect for every task, the 45N-2 is readily portable and is easy to operate

The design of the 45N-2 structure overcomes some limitations found in 
wooden view cameras. For example, the screw-focus mechanism and
stainless-steel focus track make the camera much more accurate and durable than traditional models. Moreover, the front standard can be detached so that, with the extension accessory, the bellows can be extended freely like a monorail view camera.
This is especially useful for lenses of long focal length and outdoor macrophotography.
The 45N-2 is designed to be compatible with any lens board of the Linhof type.  Chamonix also manufactures its own lens boards which are Linhof compatible. These are made not of aluminum alloy, but carbon fiber, which provides higher durability at only 2/3 of the weight.  We suggest that Chamonix users choose carbon fiber boards with the 045N-2 to bring  out its best in both performance and appearance.
The 45N-2 comes finished in gray metal only.  Customers can order the camera with a standard bellows in either black or red, or with a universal bellows in either black or red.

The features of the 45N-2 which are major improvements over the 45N-1:
           1)  The middle bed sliding mechanism has been changed from sliding  
                track to ball bearing track and the focus adjusting rod has
                been changed to smaller diameter stainless steel. This increases        
                rigidity of the camera and the 
                accuracy and ease of focusing. It has a nicer feel too.
           2) Tracks have been added to rear group sliding mechanism to further
                increase the accuracy and ease of focusing.
           3) The swing of the rear standard has been re-designed to make the
                swing easier to use.
           5) The bellows locking tabs on the front standard have been improved
                to avoid any rubbing of bellows when the camera is folded.
           6) The Fresnel lens  is now installed on top of ground glass to prevent 
               possible focus shift.
           7) The 45N-2 is supplied with either the universal bellows for using
               short-focal length wide-angle lenses or the standard bellows.

      Please see below for the 45N-2 specifications and some images of the
      new 45N-2 camera.

Accessories  See ACCESSORIES tab for focus hood, lens shade, etc.
Maximum  395 mm (500 mm with extension board)

 52 mm

 Rise : 45 mm
 Fall  : 30 mm
 shift : 20 mm
 Tilt   : limited by bellows
 Swing: limited by bellows
 Rear Tilt : 20 degrees backwards; forwards limited by bellows
 Swing : 20 degrees total
 Shift  : none
 Weight  Teak  : 3.42 lb/1550 g
 Comes with: ground glass with Fresnel lens, carbon fiber ground glass 
                      protector, camera wrap.



2017 price list, subject to change without notice:
45N-2: $940
International EMS shipping for 45N-2: $65 

Price list 45N-2 accessories*
bag bellows:  $140
extension board:  $120
Chamonix carbon fiber lens board:  $75
Folding viewer: $60
Folding Viewer with cover:  $90
Protective leather jacket:  $25
*prices for accessories do not include shipping.
For more information, please check the left sidebar menu on the ACCESSORIES page.

Please click HERE for important information regarding the Fresnel lens problem
with early 45 series cameras.
See the Chamonix 45N-1 camera instruction video
which is 100% applicable to the new 45N-2: