We are happy to introduce the new Chamonix 4X5 H series cameras. The series is
      designed to meet the need of photographers who prefer to use wide angle lenses. 

      The H series cameras are based upon our Chamonix design tradition: The screw-
      focus mechanism and stainless steel focus track make the camera very accurate.

      The major advantage of the H series is its fast set up and close down time because the
      lens can stay with the camera when the camera is in the bag.

      There are two models for the H series, 4X5 H-1 and 4X5 Hs-1.  4X5 H-1 is more
      advanced of the two cameras as it has the asymmetrical tilts of the rear standard.
      The rear standard on the 4X5 H1 can be removed 
 and exchanged for other format
We are currently developing 4X10, 5X7 (horizontal only), and 617 backs for
      the 4X5 H1 camera. 

      Few pointers regarding the use of 045H cameras with heavy lenses:
      1). Our 45H1 and 45Hs1 cameras are designed differently than our 45N and 45F1
      cameras. To increase the precision of camera, we have used linear focus track. But
      the side effect of this choice is low friction, especially when the camera is tilted with
      a heavy lens.

      2). You may consider to use the following two steps to focus when your camera is
      not in a level position.

      The first step is to loosen all the knob locks and use only your eyes (without a loupe)
      for the initial composition and focusing, then tighten the focus knob locks half way

      The second step: Keep the locks half tightened as it is the only way the focus knobs
      maintain enough friction. Then use a loupe for fine focus and completely tighten the
      focus locks after the focus process is finished. Please remember to use one hand to
      hold the focus knob while the other hand is used to tighten the focus locks, otherwise
      slight focus shift will occur due the worm effect of this action.

Please see below for the specifications and pictures of 4X5 H-1 camera:     

 4X5 H-1 specifications
Maximum 350 mm

 60 mm

 Rise: 70 mm
 Fall: 41 mm
 shift: 40 mm to each side
 Tilt: 30 degree
 Swing: limited by bellows
 Rear Tilt: 20 degree backwards and forwards asymmetric tilt 

 Swing: 20 degree asymmetric to each side.  

 Shift: 50 mm to each side.
 Rise: 40 mm
 Fall:  none
 Weight  Teak wood: 4.37 pound/1980 g
 Folded size  206 mm X 120 mm X 248mm
 Comes with  : ground glass, carbon fiber GG  protector, camera bag


See below for 4X5 Hs-1 specifications and pictures:

 4X5 Hs-1 specifications
Maximum 250 mm

 50 mm

 Rise: 70 mm
 Fall: 41 mm
 shift: 40 mm to each side
 Tilt: 30 degree forward and backward
 Swing: limited by bellows
 Rear Tilt: 10 degree forward and backward
 Swing: 20 degree left and right
 Shift: none
 Rise: 55 mm
 Fall: none
 Weight  Teak wood: 3.97 pound/1800 g
 Folded size 206 mm X 90 mm X 248 mm
 Comes with  : ground glass, carbon fiber GG protector, camera bag



 4X5 H series camera comes with a nice bag:


Price for 4X5 H series cameras:

4X5 H-1: $1,105 plus $80 EMS international shipping

4X5 Hs-1: $1,015 plus $80 EMS international shipping