For the 5x7 format, Chamonix produces 3 models: 57N, 57Fs-2, and 57W-d.  The 57N is a horizontal-only model for photography in landscape orientation.  The 57Fs-2 and 57W-d models have convertible backs for photography in either landscape or portrait orientation.  See below for detailed specifications and photographs of the models.
The cameras in the 57 series are made with teak.  (Note that walnut and maple are no longer available.  See CAMERAS tab above for more information.)

The metal parts–front/rear standards and small parts–are painted black to complement the color of the carbon fiber components of the camera.

57N Camera
The 57N view camera is similar to our 45 series cameras, and it handles like the 45 series.   The 57N camera uses Linhof-type lens boards. As of July 2017 Chamonix has some 57N horizontal-only cameras built with maple; these were manufactured before Chamonix decided to build cameras using only teak and cherry.  Contact Chamonix about these specials.

57Fs-2 Camera

The 57Fs-2 view camera is based on Chamonix's popular 45F1 camera and features asymmetrical tilts of the rear standard.  The current 57Fs-2 model comes with a Graflox adapter that will accept a 617 roll film back.  The 57Fs-2 camera uses Sinar-type lens boards.  This should be the camera of choice for landscape and architecture photographers.

57W-d Camera
The 57W-d view camera is designed for wet plate use.  It can be used with a Chamonix 58 back with a 5x8 film holder, as well as a 8x8 focus frame with a 8x8 wet plate holder.  The 57W-d camera uses Sinar-type lens boards. 

57N Specifications
The 57N Specifications are:
Bellows Maximum:  412 mm/ 582 mm with extension board
              Minimum:  70 mm
Front Rise:  48 mm
Front Fall:  32 mm
Front Tilt:  limited by bellows
Front Shift:  35 mm to each side
Front Swing:  limited by bellows
Rear Shift:  none
Rear Swing:  10 degrees
Rear Tilt: 30 degrees backwards, forward limited by bellows
Weight:  4.1 lb / 1.85 kg
Folded Size:  255 mm x 205 mm x 100 mm
Comes with:  Ground glass, camera wrap


 extension board, 4x5 back

 570 mm standard/740 mm with extension board
Minimum 95 mm
 Movements Front Rise:  93 mm
 Fall:  38.5 mm
 Tilt:  limited by bellows
 Shift:  50 mm to each side
 Swing:  limited by bellows
 Rear Shift: none
 Swing:  7 degrees on each side
 Tilt:  20 degrees backwards, forward limited by bellows
 Weight Teak: 7.0 lb / 3.2 kg

 Folded Size:  300mm x 273mm x 122mm
 Comes with:  ground glass, camera wrap


      Here are some pictures of the 57N and 57W-d view cameras


057Fs-2 pictures and specifications

Accessories Lens shade
Maximum  530 mm
Minimum 55 mm
 Rise   : 72 mm
 Fall    : 24 mm
 Shift   : 50 mm
 Tilt     : limited by bellows
 Swing  : limited by bellows
 Rear Tilt     : 30 degree backwards, forwards limited by bellows
 Yaw-free tilt: 20 degree and asymmetric tilt
 Swing: 10 degree, left or right
 Rise: 45 mm
 Shift: None
 Weight 6.13 lb / 2780 g
 Folded size : 290 mm X 239.3 mm X 103.5 mm
 Comes with  : ground glass, camera wrap.

57N horizontal only:  $1,500
57W-D camera with convertible back:  $2,920
International EMS shipping for either camera: $95

057Fs-2 camera with convertible back:  $2,680 plus $95 for International EMS shipping