The new 5X7 camera (057Fs-1) is available now for ordering. Its a convertible camera made with Canidian maple. Please see blow for detailed specifications and pictures.

057N-1 is based on our 045N-1 model and has the same build quality and feels as 045N-1.This is a proof that Chamonix does listen to their customers and will do whatever they can to satisfy their needs.

There are two models avaliable just like 5X8 camera. One is horizontal only, the other one is convertible. Again, you have the choice of Maple or Walnut wood and dark or grey metal.                                                                                                               

5X7N specifications Horizontal only model

extention kit, 4X5 back.

 430 mm standard/600 mm with extention
Minimum 65 mm
 movement FrontRise : 45 mm
Fall  : 35 mm
Tilt  : limited by bellows
shift : 40 mm to each side
swing: limited by bellows
 Rearshift  : none
swing : 20 degree
Tilt    : 20 degree backwards, forwards limited by bellows
 weight Canadian Maple : 3.96 pound/1800g
 Dark Walnut      : Not available

      Introducing the new Chamonix 5X7W camera. It is a 5X7 convertible camera with a
      front that takes Sinar size lensboard. It can have a 5X8 back and the back can also be
      convered to take 8X8 wet plate holder. The price is the same as 5X7N convertible
Here are few pictures.


057Fs-1 pictures and specification

 5X7 Fs-1 specifications
Accessories lens shade
Maximum  530 mm
Minimum 55 mm
 Rise   : 72 mm
 Fall    : 24 mm
 shift   : 50 mm
 Tilt     : limited by bellows
 Swing  : limited by bellows
 Rear Tilt     : 30 degree backwards, forwards limited by bellows
 Yaw-free tilt: 20 degree and asymmetric tilt
 Swing: 10 degree, left or right
 Rise: 45 mm
 Shift: None
 Weight Teak wood : 6.13 pound/2780g
 Folded size : 290 mm X 239.3 mm X 103.5 mm
 Comes with  : ground glass, camera wrap.

057N horizontal only: $2,165
057W: $2,710
International EMS shipping: $90

057Fs-1:$2,755 plus $95 international shipping