Chamonix makes two 8x10 view cameras:  The 810V and the 810 Alpinist.  The modern design of both view cameras aims to achieve a perfect balance between light weight and stability.  Both cameras are handmade, constructed of wood and carbon fiber composite material, which produce a signature aesthetic finding widespread appeal among photographers.

The 810V
The 810V camera has a light weight of 4,300g.  But because of the generous use of carbon fiber material, it is a very rigid camera.  To keep its weight as low as possible, we have eliminated some infrequently used movements.   It is not a perfect camera for all occasions, but, like others in the Chamonix line-up, it does have its unique charm and character.

Much of its light weight comes from its specially designed T-shaped base plate which has a complex structure like a bridge.  This innovation came out of the Chamonix principle of light weight and high quality.

While use of carbon fiber gives the camera extreme rigidity, all wood parts are carefully selected and hand varnished and polished by experienced craftsmen using traditional techniques.  Hand-crafted objects usually are the most beautiful, and the Chamonix 810V view camera's beauty comes from such craftsmanship.  Only a few master craftsmen are qualified for the final steps of construction so that each camera is another example of  the unique features of the Chamonix line of cameras.

The metal parts of the Chamonix 810V view camera are anodized aluminum with black finish.  The wood choices are teak, and cherry.

The Chamonix 810V view camera uses a Sinar-type lens board.

After few years in production, in response to user feedback, Chamonix made a few changes found in the current–second generation–810V view camera. They are:
          1. Unibody carbon fiber base board
          2. Increased rear frame thickness by 5mm
          3. Bail back-like mechanism for inserting film holders
          4. Front rise and fall lock
          5. Weight increased 1kg (2.2 pounds)
All other specifications remain the same.

Pictures of the second-generation Chamonix 810V view camera:

      8x10 camera in cherry wood


wide angle bellows

 680 mm
Minimum 95 mm
 Movements FrontRise: 105 mm
Fall: 105 mm
Tilt: limited by bellows
Shift: 50m m to each side
Swing: limited by bellows
 RearShift: none
Swing: 10 degree to each side
Tilt: 10 degree backwards, forwards limited by bellows
 Weight 4,300g (9.48lb)


The 810 Alpinist
In response to customer requests and user feedback, Chamonix has designed the 810 Alpinist, an ultralight, horizontal-only view camera.  By "ultralight" Chamonix means that the Alpinist is only 57% the weight of the 810V model.  The 810 Alpinist is for the photographer that shoots mostly in the "landscape orientation," but of course, a vertical composition can be made simply by turning the tripod head 90º to the side.  

The metal parts of the 810 Alpinist are anodized aluminum with black finish.  The wood choices are teak and cherry.

The 810 Alpinist view camera uses a Sinar-type lens board.

The 810 Alpinist is crafted with the same attention to fit and finish as the 810V model.  Because of the very high standards of the craftsmen, a model run can take months from start of wood preparation, as described for the 810V view camera, to final assembly.

The first production run of the 810 Alpinist sold out in just one month; the second production run is underway.  

Here are the specifications:

Maximum bellows extension:  570mm;
             with extension board:  850mm
Minimum bellows extension:     60mm
Front rise:        72mm
Front fall:        53mm
Front tilt:         limited by bellows
Front swing:    limited by bellows
Front shift:      50mm on each side
Rear swing:     10 degrees on each side
Rear tilt:          30  degrees back; forward limited by bellows
Rear shift:       none
Folded size:  355mm x 270mm x 97mm
Weight, without the ground glass protective cover:  2,460g (5.4lb)!

Pictures of the new 810 Alpinist are coming soon to this page!

NOTE:  THE NEXT BATCH of Alpinists will be shipping in August of 2018.  This batch will include some Alpinist vertical only cameras.


Current price list, subject to change without notice:
810V: $3,400
International EMS shipping: $125

810 Alpinist: $4,250
International EMS shipping: $110