Chamonix 4x10 view cameras are primarily designed for outdoor landscape use. The cameras are made with teak together with light-weight, high-density carbon fiber. The later is mainly used for the camera base plates to ensure the stability and rigidity of the cameras.

The 4x10 format is half of 8x10 format. It is very suitable for sweeping landscapes and environmental portraiture. Its format is close to the cinematic ratio of 1:2.5 which is very pleasing to the viewer.

Because of this unique character, Chamonix only makes its 4x10 with a horizontal orientation. To minimize the camera's weight, its front standard is manufactured to accept Linhof-type lens boards. However, should you desire, Chamonix can make the front standard to take Arca-Swiss-type lens boards.

Chamonix 4x10 cameras are handmade following very strict procedures. All wood parts are hand polished and hand painted. Each coat of paint is applied to the wood and is allowed to dry naturally before another coat of paint is applied. This procedure is repeated 12 times and requires 40 days. The wood varnish and painting tasks require a total of 90 days.

The metal parts of the Chamonix 4x10 camera are anodized aluminum with black finish. The wood is teak. (Sugar maple and black walnut, shown in the pictures, are no longer available.)  

Current Chamonix's 4x10 camera is the 410N3.

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410N3 is $2,455 with EMS international shipping ( 8-15 days) and additional $35 if FedEx shipping is needed (5-8 days).

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