45N-1 Classic

45N-1 Classic


Due to popular demand, we made a batch of 45N1Classic cameras with red standard bellows in teak/black. This is the lightest and least expensive 45 camera model suitable for students of LF photography. 

Tech Data for 45N1Classic

Weight: 1,470 grams

Bellows draw: Max: 395mm, Min: 45mm

Front rise: 43mm, front fall: 21mm

Front shift: 38mm left, 38mm right

Rear swing: 20 degrees

Rear tilt: 30 degrees

Folded size: 200mm x 182mm x 90mm

The 45N1 Classic camera is currently available for ordering. 

Price: $965 with EMS shipping (8-15 days) and additional $25 for FedEx shipping (5-8 days).

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