The Whole Plate (WP) format–6.5x8.5 inches–has a long history and enjoys special affection among photographers using platinum and other alternative processes.

Chamonix WP cameras are primarily designed to meet the need of such photographers desiring a light-weight modern camera. The cameras are made with teak and lightweight, high-density carbon fiber. The latter is mainly used for the camera base plates to ensure the stability and rigidity of the cameras.

Chamonix WP cameras are handmade following very strict procedures. All wood parts are hand varnished and polished. Each coat is applied to the wood and allowed to dry naturally before another coat is applied. This procedure is repeated 12 times and takes 90 days from start to finish. The result is worth the time; when finished, a Chamonix view camera glows. 

The metal parts of the Chamonix WP camera are anodized aluminum with a black finish.  Note that the front standard takes Sinar-type lens board.

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WP camera is $3,165 with EMS international shipping ( 8-15 days) and additional $35 if FedEx shipping is needed (5-8 days).

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