Welcome to Chamonix View Camera!
We are a small workshop of eight experienced craftmen and we are located in Haining city of Zhejiang Province, China.
The company started a few years ago by a Chinese photographer and mountaineer.

Our misson is to design and build the lightest, the most rigid and the most beautiful cameras for large format landscape photographers. A Chamonix camera is camera design by a photographer for photographers.
There is an old Chinese saying: A journey of ten thousand miles starts with the first step. We have taken our first few steps with encouragement and support from photographers all over the world. We are humbled and are very grateful and we know we have a long journey ahead of us.

Important notice: The ebay store (the one sells Chamonix cameras) is run by a local dealer in Beijing, China, and is not authorized by the factory to sell its products overseas.
Thank you for your visit.


Update:  We run out of maple wood so there will be no more maple cameras. We may make some 045F1 cameras with American cherry wood by the end of this year. We'll update it once we have more information.

            045N2 camera intro by Michael E. Gordon

A demonstration of the wet plate process with Chamonix view camera by Martin Sowter