Continuing to design with the principles of light weight and simple function,
     Chamonix has developed
a carbon fiber lens board, lined with black velvet
     on the inside in order to reduce reflection.

     Currently we have Linhof type and Sinar type boards, but we can make any
     size lens board to suit your needs.

Linhof type carbon fiber lens board: $75
Sinar type carbon fiber lens board: $85
Sinar lens board (aluminum) for Iris diaphragm lens board : $40
8 inch carbon fiber lens board: $130
8 inch to Sinar lens board: $180 
10 inch carbon fiber lens board: $230
12 inch carbon fiber lens board: $250
Sinar to Linhof type lens board: $170
Sinar to Toyo type lens board: $200
10 inch to Linhof type lens board: $280
12 inch to Linhof type lens board: $300 
Iris diaphragm lens board: $300