Saber, a hand held 4X5 camera for some rapid fun.

     The camera is based on Polaroid 3x4 folding camera and the lens range is 120mm-150mm.
     Rangefinder focus and we have lenses for you to choose and you can supply your own lens
     as well. The camera can be opened in one second and with practice one can quickly frame,
     focus, and shoot in a few seconds.

     It's a handheld camera, not recommend to use with a tripod. But there is a tripod hole at the
     bottom of the camera for special situations.

     Camera body is aluminum frame with dark wood. Focus range is 1.5m to infinity. The
     camera with a Symmar S 120mm lens will weight 850 grams and folded dimension is
     200mm x 160mm x 65mm.

     Grafmatic holder is recommended and regular 45 holders have to be modified to fit the camera.

     We will make the first batch in the next few weeks with expected delivery time of June and
     the price of the camera without the lens will be in the $795 including a carrying case and one 
     modified Chamonix 45 film holder and EMS shipping around the world.  We will have less than
     10 cameras from this first batch and let us know if you want to be on the list.

      There are few things customer can request or provide to suit their own needs.
          1. Lens: You can choose lenses from 120mm to 150mm focal length, avoid Planar F2.8 or
              F3.5 lens, because the lens is huge and can't fit on the camera nicely.
          2. Wood: You can pick any wood you like. If not specified when ordering, the wood will be
              factory installed Ebony.
          3. Hot shoe can be added.
          4. There is no should strap comes with the camera but can be ordered separately.
          5. Engraving can be done by the request of customer.

     There will be 30 Saber camera available for the first batch.

     Please see picture bellow, be aware the pictures are from the prototype camera, there will be
     no bad paint job on the production camera.

     Important note: Saber camera has run out of stock and there is no plan to make more.