From a small DIY background and the passion for photography a few years ago to a
     small factory nowadays, Chamonix has made products that satisfied  the needs for most
     However, the passion of DIY and to make small production runs push Chamonix to 
     announce the
secondary brand of Chamonix, the "Chamonix Studio". 

     Here are some ideas about the products which bear the name of "Chamonix Studio":

          1. DIY concept plus the workmanship of  factory standard.
          2. Merge beauty and function, emphasize on personality.
          3. Inspiration coming from the existing products on the market but with a lot of 
          4. Small production run, everything is centered around customer.
          5. Usage and function are for a specific field.
          6. Respect copyrights. If anything we made has a conflict of interests with the 
              original product, our product will be call back and destroyed.
          7. All the DIY concepts will be shared with the end user and they are encouraged to
              make the same DIY products as they like.
          8. Every CS products will be assigned a nick name.
          9. Chamonix provides life-time warranty to all the CS products.