07/21/2009: Because the factory has run out of walnut wood,  the last batch of Chamonix
     045N-1 will be made of teak wood instead of walnut wood. These two woods are very similar  
     in looks and function. The expected shipping will be late August this year.

     The 5X7 camera's shipping date will be early October, 2008. All the 57 camera accessories will
     be ready in 12 months from now.

     10/20/2008: Factory pictures added

     04/13/2010: All 45n-2 cameras are sold out and the next batch is late July. We will have both
     teak and maple wood with gray and black metal finish for the July batch. Please let us know if
     you want to be on the wait list. No deposit is needed.
     We still have some 45n-1 cameras in maple wood with black metal finish.
     11/16/10: Chamonix 045N2 operating demo by  Michael E. Gordon
     06/01/11: 1) Chamonix has stopped the production of 045N-1 camera.
                     2) Chamonix is not going to make walnut wood cameras anymore.
                     3) The next batch for 045N-2 is September, 2011. The price is 900 US dollars.
     01/12/12:  Saber camera production is temporary suspended. No orders will be taken for now.
     01/05/13: Chamonix 045F1 is accpting pre-orders now. It will be available in March.