For those who love to take the film the "wet way", Chamonix has developed wet 
   plate holders.

   All the wet plate holders (from 4X5 all the way to 20X24) are made to take plates
   of their film sizes. They will be a little smaller than the real size. If you order these
   wet plate holders, please measure the size of the film and we can cut the plates to that

   Please see the pictures for more details.


          4X5 wet plate holder

          8X10 wet plate holder

regular wet plate holder 


 Price in US dollars

 4X5 wetplate holder 113
 5X7 wetplate holder 175
 whole plate wetplate holder 215
 8X10 wetplate holder 250
 7X11 wetplate holder 250
 24X32 wetplate holder 1,035


square wet plate holder


Price in US dollars 

 whole plate  265
 10X10 280
 14X14 660
 17X17 720
 20X20 835 
 24X24 935