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Phone Number: (909) 576-1199

Hugo travels quite a bit and will be difficult to reach via telephone when he does, so please contact him through the form above. Thanks.



Q:  How do I place an order?
A:  Send us an email and let us know your choice of camera, wood and metal finish as well as your shipping address and phone number. We will let you know if we have inventory of your camera and if we do, your camera will be shipped by EMS from our factory to your door. You have option to use FedEx/TNT to ship as well and they usually cost 30-40% more. Your package is usually shipped 1-2 days after payment. EMS takes 8-15 days and FedEx/TNT takes about 5-8 days to your door. 

Notice: EMS shipping cost for each item is indicated on its page, but we are unable to put that in each shopping cart when you check out. The shipping cost will show as $65. Don’t worry and just go ahead with your order. I will do a Paypal adjustment by either a refund to you or another invoice for the balance of the shipping cost. The EMS shipping cost for a 45 wet plate holder to a US address is $20 and $25 to other countries. The EMS shipping cost for an 8x10 wet plate holder to a US address is $25 and $35 to other countries.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?
A:  We accept checks, money orders and PayPal. 

Q:  International EMS shipping?
A:  International Express Mail Service to anywhere in the world from our factory in China. All shipping prices are listed on the website in US dollars.

Q:  Do you sell any used equipment?
A:  Very rarely. 

Q: What warranty do you offer for your products?
A: We offer 30 days free return/replacement and life time repair services.