For the 5x7 format, Chamonix produces 3 models: 57N, 57Fs-2, and 57W-d. The 57N is a horizontal-only model for photography in landscape orientation. The 57Fs-2 and 57W-d models have convertible backs for photography in either landscape or portrait orientation. 

The cameras in the 57 series are made with teak. (Note that walnut and maple are no longer available. See CAMERAS tab above for more information.)

The metal parts–front/rear standards and small parts–are painted black to complement the color of the carbon fiber components of the camera.

57W-d Camera
The 57W-d view camera is designed for wet plate use. It can be used with a Chamonix 58 back with a 5x8 film holder, as well as a 8x8 focus frame with a 8x8 wet plate holder. The 57W-d camera uses Sinar-type lens boards. 

The price of our 8x8 focus frame is $270 plus $50 EMS shipping.

Our 8x8 wet plate holder is $365 plus $50 EMS shipping.

Our 57Wd camera is in stock.

The camera is $3,015 with EMS international shipping ( 8-15 days) and additional $35 if FedEx shipping is needed (5-8 days).

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