810 Alpinist

810 Alpinist


Chamonix makes two 8x10 view cameras: The 810V and the 810 Alpinist. The modern design of both view cameras aims to achieve a perfect balance between light weight and stability. Both cameras are handmade, constructed of wood and carbon fiber composite material, which produce a signature aesthetic finding widespread appeal among photographers.

The 810 Alpinist
In response to customer requests and user feedback, Chamonix has designed the 810 Alpinist, an ultralight, horizontal-only view camera. By "ultralight" Chamonix means that the Alpinist is only 57% the weight of the 810V model. The 810 Alpinist is for the photographer that shoots mostly in the "landscape orientation," but of course, a vertical composition can be made simply by turning the tripod head 90º to the side.   

The metal parts of the 810 Alpinist are anodized aluminum with black finish. The wood choices are teak and cherry. 

The 810 Alpinist view camera uses a Sinar-type lens board.

The 810 Alpinist is crafted with the same attention to fit and finish as the 810V model. Because of the very high standards of the craftsmen, a model run can take months from start of wood preparation, as described for the 810V view camera, to final assembly.

We have 810 Alpinist cameras in stock. They come in horizontal only and vertical only models.

Here are some numbers:

weight: 2,460 grams without the ground glass cover

max bellows without extension rack: 570mm, 700mm with extension rack

min bellows: 60mm

front rise: 72mm, front fall: 53mm, front shift: 50mm on each side

rear swing: 10 degrees on each side

rear tilt: 30 degrees

folded size: 355mm x 270mm x 97mm

810 Alpinist is $4,260 with EMS international shipping ( 8-15 days) and additional $35 if FedEx shipping is needed (5-8 days).

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